Cristian Larroulet

Co-founder of the Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) and former Minister Secretary-General of the Presidency of Chile

Cristián Larroulet is co-founder of the Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) and was Minister Secretary-General of the Presidency of Chile during President Sebastián Piñera’s Government
Larroulet was a professor at the Universidad Católica, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, and at the School of Economics of the Universidad de Chile. He was a visiting researcher at the Institute of The Americas, the University of California, San Diego, United States of America. At present, he is Dean of the Universidad del Desarrollo’s Economics Faculty. He has written several academic publications in Chile and abroad and he is author of Economía published by MacGraw-Hill.
Larroulet has experience in the design and implementation of political policies. He was Chief of Staff of the Treasury under former Minister Hernán Büchi, and was the Executive Director of the Instituto Libertad y Desarrollo. From that position, he advised the National Congress on a wide range of policy subjects and he is a member of several commissions, such as the one that led to the General Education Law as well as the new Corporate Governance agreement for Codelco.
Larroulet’s contributions have been recognized with distinctions on several occasions, such as Economist of the Year in 2009 by the newspaper El Mercurio.