Ernesto Macaro

Ernesto Macaro became the Director of the Department of Education in January 2013. He obtained a first degree in French and English from the University of Kent, an MA in Applied Linguistics by research from the University of Warwick and a Doctorate from the University of Reading.

He was a teacher of French and Italian in UK secondary schools for 16 years before becoming a teacher educator and applied linguist. He joined the Department of Education in 1999.

There are two major strands to Ernesto Macaro research activity.
Stand 1. The second language oral discourse and interaction between teacher and learners. A current interest is in the oral interaction between teachers and learners in English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) settings.

Strand 2. The language learning strategies that the learners themselves deploy in order to facilitate and maximize learning and in order to overcome obstacles in their language learning or their learning of academic subjects througha second language. In strategies research the learner’s cognitive and metacognitive actions are analyzed for their deployment, combination, and ultimately effectiveness in learning.