Anne McElvoy

Anne McElvoy is Public Policy editor of the Economist. She also writes a column for the Evening Standard, where she was previously Executive Editor and is a presenter of Start the Week on Radio4, a panellist on the network’s Moral Maze and presenter of Free Thinking BBC Radio 3’s ideas flagship.

Anne attended St Bede’s comprehensive school in Country Durham. She has a First Class Honours Degree in German and Philosophy from Wadham College, Oxford and also studied at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

She joined the Times in 1988 as a graduate trainee and became the paper’s correspondent in East Berlin, covering the fall of the Berlin Wall. Subsequently she covered the Balkan wars and was bureau chief in Moscow from 1992-1995 She returned to Britain in 1996 as deputy editor and political writer for the Spectator and has since written political columns, features and interviews for The Telegraph, The Independent and the Evening StandardAnne began her political broadcasting for ITVs Power House lunchtime programme. She jow makes regular documentaries for the BBC, including Jam Generation and Jam Generation in power, exploring the politics of a new generation at the top.

Most recently she made a series on the history of conservatism from 1789 – to Margaret Thatcher, a Good School about the history of education reform – and a guide to How Not to Be a Politician.

Her languages include German, Russian and French. She is married with three children.